i. Postgraduate Diploma in ICT Policy and Regulation.
ii. Master of ICT Policy and Regulation
iii. Master of Technology Management (Regular / Executive)
The duration for the Master of Technology Management degree is 3 semesters for regular students and 4 contract periods for the Executive students. A minimum of 34 units of course work (including 6 units of long essay) is required for the award of the degree.
iv. M.Sc. Technology Management
The duration of the M.Sc. Degree is a minimum of 12 months. A minimum of 26 units is required. This will include 16 units of core courses, 4 units of electives and 6 units of thesis.
v. Ph. D Technology Management
The period of study for the Ph.D is a minimum of 4 semesters after the successful completion of the M.Sc. in Technology Management. Additional Coursework required is a minimum of 4 units. A Ph.D. candidate upon successful completion of coursework requirements shall be required to pass a qualifying examination as laid down by the University’s regulations. The candidate shall be required to pass an oral examination on an approved thesis based on original research